She calls my name as shelter,
not realizing I am the storm




*gets life*


She doesn’t drink coffee, either! It’s too bitter for Anna’s sweet taste. “Can I get a milkshake?”





"Eighteen?" It’s spoken like a question.

          Good, she’s legal.

          "We could get coffee instead, if you’d like."

thexfox end it there?



thecharmingkiller - like there’s nothing there? I mean I’ve tried to send things Headcanon stuff and ideas but I don’t know if you ever agreed. And I tagged a few stuff but I thought I was being annoying so I backed off.

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I ship John and MK hxc.

That actually makes me really sad that you think there’s nothing there. I can’t really recall any headcanons about John and Victor I have every disagreed with. Any starters I see from John delight me to my core and I can’t really see how you would think you’re annoying me since I respond every time.

The whole guyliner thing isn’t really a joke to me, and I’ve actually tried to tell you multiple times I don’t think it’s funny because at this point I’m not sure if you actually believe something untrue about my character, and that’s one thing that reeeally sets me off.

I really really like John and Victor, I think they have a great balance of friendship and romance. I LOVE Victoria and John, and I wish so much they could have more interaction. I am literally always up for doing some stuff for either of those ships. In fact, I think about psychotic accents a lot and I tag pics with that ship literally all the time.

I really wish our ships were more developed, and to be perfectly honest I get the feeling that you’re not invested in them because you have other ships that have already went through development.



"I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. I don’t drink.”

          "You don’t drink? How old are you?”


Oh dear. Freckled cheeks flush red at the compliment, and a nervous, tittering laugh escapes the princess. “A— -drink?” She has a feeling they’re not talking about a milkshake. But Anna’s never had alcohol before, and she doesn’t know if she really wants to.


          "Yes, darlin’. Go out for a pint. Have a laugh."



        “—Right.” Jeez, this is so confusing. Landon can’t say he’s ever met a drug lord before, he’s used to just paying upfront and going about his business. Regardless, he’s rattling off his address in no time, toying nervously with a loose string on his shirt. “…I think that’s all of it.”

          Victor put his address to memory, grinning with a nod. “Perfect. You should get it tomorrow. I expect your payment by the end of the week, or I’ll drop by for a friendly visit.” He reached forward to grasp the boy’s shoulder, his smile widening. “I’ll see you around, kid.”

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